I missed a day I left my phone home.

Trying to figure it out but its not happening.

Anyway today 128 so far today
Last night was 700 approx
The day before was 340

Been for a run today too

Last night - 600 approx
Today - 239

Been gym today too

Last night - total write off, taken out for tea, 1000 cals?
Today - 295

So let's start this thing

Last night I had 400 cals
Today so far I'm on 90

I'm gonna write last nights intake and todays so far as il be writing these after I finish work. That way i'll have covered everything. I think that makes sense makes sense to me so i guess that's all that matters! :)

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Finally broke the plateau! Or I hope so anyway, down one pound this morning so we shall see if it stays that way! Been to the gym this morning so I certainly hope so. I'm gonna start tracking what I eat on here so hopefully that will keep me on the straight and narrow and i'll carry on losing. Particularly with barely more than 2 weeks til my wedding :S

Watch this space!

I miss my baby :'-(

Just wanna cry :(
Hey hope everyone is doing well.

I just wanted to vent quickly really. I've been really trying to change the way I think, particularly after going back to work after being off such a long time. The whole "i CAN and I WILL" attitude had been working up to now. I saw my old manager in work today (she now works in the shop next door) she popped in cos she heard I was back and wanted to make sure I was ok. I was busy so she's popping in tomorrow. That's a nice thing to do, and it just made me wants to cry. She's been through what I have (miscarriage) so she more than most knows what its like. None of the staff know, only management I don't want everyone knowing my business (she says posting it online). I don't know but seeing her just made me want to cry, maybe to do with that maybe to do with the fact I used to dread work (always ballsing up and I was always in trouble with her). Basically I don't know if its old anxiety about screwing up at work or whether its because I know she's been through similar horror I have. Or maybe even because everything is new all over and she's a reminder of old, or maybe all of these things.

Anyway in other news I'm hoping the scales show signs of losing in the morning, i've had an apple and a bit of pasta (handful to keep away from suspicion). Future mother in law said I looked tiny, must be a good thing! Lets hope the scales agree.

I fell asleep thurs afternoon

Did not wake up til Fri mid morn

Thought it was still thurs

Missing bits of Fri

I must've asked a dozen times what day it was on sat too

Now this could be down to a few things.

1. Illness
2. Antibiotics
3. Not eating or
4. All of the above?

Ice cream, chocolate, and omelette!

I have done exercise this morning, about 300 cals worth, and been for a walk but now my partner isn't going out I'm screwed! Hes out tomoz so that helps. When I'm back at work this will be easier but still.....


I can do better than this!

To Summarize....
First post so I will summarize why I'm back here again.

- my gran passed away Xmas day 2011
- a fortnight later my fiance Got hit by a car on his motorbike
- just when we thought things were looking up I lost our baby

There's much much more to all those points but this is not what this journal is about, this is just a summary and maybe an idea why I'm doing this again.


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